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Winter Tanka 2020

The forecast says snow
(still smells like dank damp lichen
and silty mud), but
The apartment managers
decided to lay cement!

Sifted rain descends
like wheat chaff in a silo,
from broad, cobalt clouds...
until I go to take the trash,
at which point all hell breaks loose.

Australia burns—
and here? Rain like a child
playing with a sink:
I want to shout at the clouds
for not following the news.

Bonus: A short audio-visualscape of my three-week stay in rural Japan, over Christmas and New Year's:

Nick Giampietro

Nick Giampietro

Nick graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Japanese Literature and a minor in English, and works as a Software Engineer in Portland. He lives with his wife, son, and dog-of-a-cat.

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