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Late Spring Tanka 2018

On a Ride towards Boring, OR (3)

Sweat from a long ride
cuts through moon dust and pollen,
forming jagged shapes:
Salty lightning on my skin,
hinting at the storms to come.

Right by Powell Butte,
from verdure on a Douglas Fir
a quail blinks past me.
I remember high school days,
when quails were harder to find.

Halfway down the route,
A baby Red-tailed Hawk's cry
spills out from a tree—
Something overtakes my mind
and, riding past, I cry back.

Nick Giampietro

Nick Giampietro

Nick graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Japanese Literature and a minor in English, and works as a Software Engineer in Portland. He lives with his wife, son, and dog-of-a-cat.

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