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No Provenance is for writings that otherwise would have become lonely orphans in some drawer or digital file. No defined topics or themes. Squander not ones wanton thoughts—though hopefully everything here is at least readable.

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Nick Giampietro experiments with cultural amalgamation through various written media: free verse and fixed-form poetry, short stories, vignettes, and others. The goal is to goad out the qualities that define a cultural element, by stripping everything but its integral core.

He also translates works from Japanese, pieces that interest him tend to be particularly lyrical, and often include the devices found often in classical Japanese literature, such as seasonality or metaphor. He learned the craft of translation under the tutelage of Professors Larry Kominz and Jon Holt, of Portland State University.

His day job is software engineering. In his free time Nick enjoys bouldering, photography, listening to jazz music, and cooking.

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